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The Ultimate Royal-Sea party for Saylor!

This is one of our favorite #parties for this age range. Combining the world of princesses and mermaids is always a unique and exciting way to party your way into 5 years old, just like Saylor and her family and friends did!

Saylor was the sweetest host and helped greet each of her friends at the door with a hug and a smile...

Once everyone arrived, we swam our way over to the magical wardrobe where a beautiful mermaid outfit awaited each guest...

& a special princess cape and sash for our birthday girl to wear!

Did you know that our magical wardrobe can only open with the magical power of birthday magic?... Luckily Saylor had plenty to share!

She completed her look with our fun accessories and chose a pearl necklace and lovely little pink gloves!

Once everyone was dressed up & accessorized we gathered for a fun 'circle time' to get to know each other and have a little fun as we awaited the grand entrance of Saylor's FAVORITE princess...

Little Mermaid!

We borrowed some of Saylor's birthday magic again to make a wish for her to swim in and party with us... and she appeared through the magic door just like we wished!

Of course she greeted her with a big hug!

While Saylor's favorite princess hosted games and entertainment, it was time for everyone to swim in one-by-one for magical makeovers in our Jellyfish Salon with the other royal-sea princesses!

Makeovers are always a favorite & Saylor's mom chose one of our most popular add on's, Deluxe Salon! Scroll to see these girls fun transformations....

Our magical ponytails are part of our Deluxe Salon Package and are easily re-wearable making them a great take home gift for guests!

Also included in deluxe salon are our magical face gems to make each little girl feel extra special!

Along with deluxe hair accessories like mini crystal tiaras!

& every little princess gets to make a magical pixie dust wish to conclude her makeover...

As each girl has a turn in the salon, our host was also leading a craft-ivity at our signature craft bar! Each party comes with a craft bar experience choice like our Glitter Bar where each child fills up a small vile of pixie dust to take home, our Sand Bar where each makes beautiful colored sand jewelry, and even a Make Your Own Lipgloss Bar! Saylor's mom chose to upgrade and have both the Glitter Bar & Lipgloss bar. Every craft comes with a cute take home bag for each child to take home their creation!

Once everyone had their turn in the salon & at the craft bar, we gathered around the magical meadow for a fun and interactive story time with Ariel!

Of course Saylor got to sit with Ariel and help with the magical story time!

Bubbles and ribbon wands make the interactive songs even more fun!

And of course after story time we make plenty of time for family photos!

& group photos too!

When you add on our in-house photographer, they'll make sure everyone gets to pose for pictures!

Finally we gathered around the table for a delicious pizza dinner & snacks served by the princesses before the grand finale, happy birthday song!

Isn't Saylor's cake gorgeous?

Look how big her sister Rylie is now! Fun fact... Rylie also had her 5th birthday here at Once Upon An Island many years ago. It's so sweet to see these little ones grow up and share more special moments with their younger siblings and families.

Cheers to the birthday girl!

It was a magical day, and the very best way to swim yourself into your 5th year of life! We had so much fun with this sweet birthday girl and her adoring family!

Interested in a party like Saylor's? Check out our Ultimate Royal-Sea party under our "Parties" page! We're ready to make your dreams come true!!!

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May 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is so cute, we want to do a Royal-Sea party! It's so fun to see how it all plays out like this.


Apr 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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