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Dark Wood Panels
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Dark Wood Panels
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Tour the North Pole!

A magical portal has opened on Balboa Island! Santa and his elves are ready to transport you and your family for the tour of a lifetime!

A completely re-imagined Santa experience. At Once Upon A Christmas, we invite you to be Santa's VIP as we whisk you away on a private tour of the North Pole, opening magic doors, building toys in the workshop and cozying up by Santa's fireplace.


Perhaps the most important, and magical element of this unique experience is that here, Santa will never ask your name, he already knows you!  Imagine the amazement as Santa himself calls on your children by name as they walk through the door and recalls their growth and accomplishments this year!  Picture the look on their faces as they realize that Santa not only remembers them, but he really has been watching all year!


Santa's Naughty-or-Nice Spirt-Ometer machine is ready, so step right up! Only those on the NICE LIST can enter into the magical, North Pole Elfavator to fly to the North Pole

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Next stop, Santa's Workshop! Take delight in the stunning scenery as toys whirl & play around you. Assist the head elf as they hurry to get ready for Christmas, there are so many toys to make, can you help?

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Spend more time with Santa than any where else! Watch the surprise on your children's face as he calls them by name and recalls their year of accomplishments and growth! They'll have no doubt they've met the one & only, REAL Santa Claus! 

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Your first stop out of the Elfavator? Santa's Reindeer Barn! Even Comet knows your name as he sings, jokes and helps you find your way through the next magical portal...

Flying Elevators, hidden doors, appearing toys & more! We can't give away too much, you'll have to travel through the portals yourself & see what surprises await at season 4 of our enchanted, one-of-a-kind experience!

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Christmas Tree Decorations
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2023 Season 4

Portals Open November 18th-December 24th

Tours are in session November 18th-December 24th
Thurday-Sunday    November 18th-December 18th 
Monday-Sunday    December 18th-Christmas Eve 


Silver Tours and Gold Tours require an individual ticket for all ages

Infants under 1 do not require a ticket when accompanied by one or more child ticket in the same group

The magical portal can accommodate up to 6 guests per tour, though we are happy to accommodate larger groups in back-to-back appointments

Bring your fur children too! We are pet friendly and provide gifts & treats for well mannered, four legged friends

While Once Upon A Christmas is associated with Once Upon An Island, we are NOT in the same location. Once Upon A Christmas is a separate entity and located just a few doors down from our main location at Once Upon An Island

              114 Agate Ave, Newport Beach CA 92662.                                                  

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