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Balboa Island, A Christmas tradition...

Every year, hundreds of families come from far and wide to marvel at the beauty of the Balboa Island homes adorned with over-the-top Christmas scenes & our world famous, Christmas Boat Parade! Create the perfect family tradition strolling the island, watching the lights sparkle on the water, sipping hot cocoa from the Balboa Market and finally, meeting Santa in his magical, North Pole cottage for the most impressive, immersive and personalized Santa experience ever!

We can't wait to add the magic to your holiday season in 2021!

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Forget the lines at the mall, waiting for hours for a less than dazzling few seconds! Our personalized Santa Experience promises that Santa will know ALL about your children the moment they enter the room, from their names to what they got last Christmas... even their reports from the Elf on the shelf! They'll have no doubt that they just met the one and only Santa Claus... and hey, you may even leave a believer yourself!

Tucked away on Balboa Island lies a magical portal straight to the North Pole! Santa Experiences will never be the same once you travel to the workshop with us! Come see why our magical, personalized Santa experience is unlike ANY other!

First, meet and talk to Santa's reindeer in the North Pole Reindeer Barn. Next, a magical hidden portal will open before your eyes to transfer you directly into the Elf's workshop & help them build a special toy before finally heading into Santa's living room where he waits for you by a cozy fire! Prepare to be amazed all all Santa knows about your little ones & see their reactions in this one-of-a-kind, magical holiday experience like no other!


What's New in 2021?

You won't believe all of the amazing changes & upgrades we've aded to this already magical, one-of-a-kind experience! If you joined us last year, expect an even more immersive and high end experience with new surprises around every corner!

Silver Tickets

Approximately 15 minutes


experience that includes toy making with an Elf & a meet & greet with a real, talking reindeer & of course an intimate & personalized experienced with Santa!

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Gold Tickets

Approximately 15-20 minutes

An enchanting experience that includes everything with a silver ticket +A magical "Santa Mail" experience at the North Pole Post Office & a cozy reading by the fire of "The Night Before Christmas" with Santa!

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30 minutes of magic!

You & your family are Santa's VIP guests for his special holiday party! Everything in the Golden Ticket + Hot Cocoa and cookie decorating, photography for the entire event & A special appearance in the workshop with Santa as you learn to make toys!

Silver Tickets

 November Special: $49/adult & $39/child  

December 1st-18th: $60/adult & $49/child

December 19-23rd: $75/adult & $60/child  

  • Have you ever talked to a real reindeer? Your experience begins with a meet and greet with Comet the North Pole Reindeer & his Elf handler.

  • Transportation to the North Pole through our magical, secret portal door.

  • A tour of the Elf toy factory

  • A “Santa mail” experience where your letter to Santa is magically transported to Santa with an immediate return of a naughty or nice certification through our instant “Santa mail” magic portal system. Moments later, Santa will magically have your letter IN hand when you meet him!

  • And finally, a personalized meet and greet and professional photo session with Santa Claus in his cozy living room. Santa will know everything about your children as soon as they arrive!

  • An online edited album of your time with Santa courtesy of Feather&Light Photography. Unlimited poses & family photos! Plenty of time for little ones to warm up for that perfect picture.

This experience sold out last year!
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Gold Tickets

November:  $59/adult & $49/child

December 1-18th: $75/Adult & $60/child

December 19-23rd: $95/adult & 75/child


  • Everything included in Silver Tickets + 

  • The chance to make your own toy with the Elves in their toy shop! Choices included wooden toy builds including cars, planes, boats & more and even magical snow globes!

  • A story book reading of the Night before Christmas by the fireplace with Santa Claus

  • Professional photography of your Santa time courtesy of feather & light photography 

  • An edited, online album of your time with Santa


This experience sold out last year!

Family Christmas Party!

  • November:$400 family of 4

     +$100 per additional person

  • December 1st-18th: $525 family of 4      +$125 per additional person

  • December 19th-23rd: $650 family of 4           +$150 per additional person

  • Christmas Eve: $800 family of 4   +$175/additional person

Our VIP family party is the most magical family holiday party of the season!

Treat your family to the memory of a lifetime.

Imagine being Santa's VIP guest at the North Pole for your family Christmas party this year! A True VIP experience that includes everything included with Gold Tickets + Christmas party music and silly dancing with Elves, hot cocoa and Christmas cookies to decorate & enjoy for every guest + extended time with Santa as he joins and actually helps in the workshop for toy & cookie making! Each child will also receive a special wrapped toy gift from Santa himself! Only included with the VIP package, Photography for the entire session including reindeer time, toy workshop time, and family portraits in Santa’s living room! 


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What's New this year?

  • An upgraded photo experience! We've partnered with Feather&Light photography to offer beautiful, professional photography rather than a self photo experience! You're still welcome to take your own photos, of course.

  • An upgraded Reindeer experience! Comet the reindeer has really changed this year... just like your little ones, we can't wait for you to see how great he looks! And he's excited tos ee you too!

  • New package options! Our all new VIP party offers a truly memorable extended experience with Santa!

  • A brand new entrance! 2020's Gingerbread house was fun, but this year will really blow you away!

  • Design upgrades throughout the entire venue for an even more immersive experience!

  • & much more new magic you'll have to visit to see!