The Holiday Experience everyone is talking about!

Imagine if you could tip off Santa with information about your children before they ever even meet him...

Once Upon A Christmas offers a fully personalized Santa experience like no other, packed with magic! 


If you have enough Christmas spirit to open the enchanted doors with Santas patented Spirit-O-meter machine, you'll travel through magical portals on a private elf-guided tour of the North Pole. Stopping at Santa's reindeer barn to talk to his reindeer before transporting to The Elf Workshop to make toys magically appear, and even make your own, real snow globe! Of course, don't forget to say hello to the very talkative Northern Most Mailbox to drop off your Christmas list!

Finally behind a secret door, that only true believers can open, you'll find the one-and-only REAL Santa Claus warmly waiting to greet your children by name and enchant them with all he knows about them! He even has some real magic up his sleeve to show you! There's enchanting details and exciting surprises around every corner of this unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience- leaving guests of all ages awestruck and renewed with Christmas Spirit. We pride ourselves in bringing even the older children back to true believers!

Don't miss your chance to book now, we have sold out EVERY year!

The Gold Tour

Our most popular package



Everything in the silver package + 


• An expanded Toy Making Experience that includes our signature snow globe making experience with an Elf! 


• A special take home gift from Santa 

An online album with 3-4 portraits with Santa

The Silver Tour

A special, elf guided tour through three levels of the North Pole, including:

• A "naughty or nice" magical certification at the Christmas spirit-o-meter to ensure all who enter are true believers

• A special stop to meet and talk to Santa's reindeer, Comet 

• A visit with The North Pole's head elf to help make a magical wooden toy appear with our elf-patented, North Pole toy making experience. Each child will take home a wooden toy and assist with the magic! 

• A meet and greet with the Northern Most mailbox, (who happens to be very talkative!) to drop off your list to Santa 

• A magical portal transports you into Santa's living room for a personalized meet and greet where Santa already knows about your child for the most magical and personal Santa experience ever!


An online album with 3-4 portraits with Santa

& more new options!!!

The VIP Tour

Your family as Santa's personal VIP's


Everything in the Gold Tour PLUS:

• An all around expanded experience with more time in each area of the North Pole including with Santa’s reindeer & of course with Santa himself

• Santa will join your children in the toy making factory and teach them to make toys to take home like a true elf, giving you much more one-on-one time with Santa. 

• Sit around Santa's fireplace for a cozy story time with a personalized story about YOUR child!

• Witness Santa's REAL magic as he makes enchanted North Pole snow appear before your eyes for each child to take home in a keepsake jar to treasure all year!

• An upgraded gift from Santa

• A gourmet cookie treat from Mrs. Claus's bakery to take home and enjoy

An online album with 3-4 portraits with Santa

Santa Paws!

Your fur children need their portraits too!

*Please note this is not an appointment for families with children. This is for adults with their fur children only. Fur children are welcome, free of charge at any of the above packages for portraits.



-A jolly trot through the 3 levels of the North Pole with all the show and fun as any other package because... grown ups love magic too!

-An organic treat that will magically appear via our elf-o-matic 2000 machine while visiting the North Pole Toy Factory!

-Pets, snuggles and portraits with Santa and your fur baby! Pet parents are also welcome to join for family portraits 

-An online album with 3-4 portraits with Santa

*Limited days/times available

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Santa Video!

A Personalized video, delivered on

Christmas Eve!

In partnership with our friends at

"To All A Goodnight"

We're now offering a magical and immersive video that invites your children to experience a virtual version of our magical Christmas experience!


Imagine your child's face on Christmas Eve, before they lay their head down at night, watching a video from Santa just for them! Santa will greet your children by name and enchant them with all he knows about them (you can provide any information you want!) in a truly personalized video tour of our North Pole adventure, delivered just for them on the night before Christmas!

Limited availability- order your video now at

To All A Goodnight!