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A 4th Birthday Mini Mermaid Party!

This little cuties and their besties came in to celebrate milestone birthdays, 4 years old! Moms preferred not to do a large birthday this year, and opted for our mini- party, a special event that is perfect for smaller group sizes who still want all of the decor and extra's in our full-size parties! These 3 little mermaids were SO sweet, friendly and full of joy!

From the moment they walked through the door, the room filled with excitement! First we dressed up as mermaids at the magical wardrobe- luckily the birthday girl had enough magic in her finger tips to open the wardrobe and to our delight, mermaid tails magically appeared inside!

The birthday girls LOVED wearing their special birthday girl sashes, and one opted for a shimmering princess dress as her OTTD!

Next it was on to magical makeovers! Our little mermaids all swam into the Jellyfish Salon together for shimmering makeup, and magical, colorful mermaid hair styles! Each girls waited patiently, chatting up our Mermaid princess as they waited for their magic makeover!

Of course no makeover is complete with a sprinkle of magical pixie-dust! Hearing each child's wish is always such a highlight in the experience!

& finally, the new mermaid princesses are presented to the room- complete with a new mermaid name they've picked out! Lords & ladies of the court, we introduce, mermaid shimmer bubble shine!

Now that each girl was looking and feeling like a real, little mermaid- it's time to grab some pictures... everyone say STARFISH!

Next up, a swim over to our signature craft bar! For this mini party, the girls chose a fan favorite- The glitter bar! We collected magical pixie from all over Neverland to fill a cute little jar that each girl wore home as a keepsake gift.

Next we cozied up in the magical meadow for a fin-tactical story time and sing along- these girls REALLY loved to sing with the princesses and each belted their favorite parts of the song together!

Finally, one of the most special moments at any event- the Tiara crowning ceremony! The horns rang signaling a special delivery from a far off palace! Our mermaid princess read the royal scroll revealing that, because of their kind-hearts these 2 four year olds were now REAL and TRUE princesses! They took the princess oath and were crowned in real, crystal tiaras presented upon a beautiful pillow. The girls were SO excited to be real princesses!

Finally, after much celebration the party sat down to enjoy a lovely tea party followed by cupcakes and of course... a birthday wish!

Safe to say- this is a birthday that these two princesses won't soon forget!

To book your own Mini Party with any of our characterst- give us a call or peak at our PARTIES page online!

Mermaid Mini Party (with a Neverland Mermaid Host)

60 mins

$700 up to 3 kids, 1 Neverland Mermaid host

$900 up to 5 kids, 2 Neverland Mermaid hosts

*some add on restrictions apply

Royal-Sea Mini Party (with a princess host)

60 mins (10am is the only time slot)

$850 up to 3 kids 1 Royal Sea character

$1050 up to 5 kids 1 Royal Sea character & 1 Neverland Mermaid

*some add on restrictions apply

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04 oct 2023

I'm sure it was an unforgettable holiday. I remember how we prepared a party for our child. I had great help from kids party images where I found a lot of different ideas for organizing the party. Which the baby was delighted with.

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25 feb 2023
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So cute <3 we want to party!

Me gusta
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