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The Magic Wand Salon travels to Balboa Bay Club for a pre-Disney day makeover!

A special request from a client staying at The Balboa Bay club requested a "boutique" style make over straight to their room, hosted by the lovely Cinderella before their day at Disney! Mom and Dad wanted to make the most of their day in the park and skip the "princess lines" and the 90+ mins in the bibbidi boutique. What better way to start your day than with a makeover and tea party with a princess?

It all begin with a knock on the door... and when we tell you this little princess was surprised....

Her excitement was everything you'd dream of & most of the "grown ups" were teary eyed...

Cinderella entered with her magical carry case to turn this little princess into royalty complete with a stunning hairstyle and shimmering make up!

Next, these two royal princesses enjoyed a lovely tea party on the balcony & even had a special visit from little brother who was eager to sip some yummy pink tea himself!

It was a magical day this little princess will remember forever! ...and so will we!

Give us a call today to book a specialty service just like this! We'll bring all of the magic to you!

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25. Feb. 2023
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This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! We have to do this

Gefällt mir
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