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A Beach Party in... January!

Sounds a little crazy right? Well it wasn't! Thanks for our 3 wall enclosed canopy and portable heaters, this little January baby got the mermaid party of her dreams! Her heart was set, she had been a guest at one of our fabulous parties the past Summer, and this was hear dream. So with a few waves of our magic wand... we made the most epic beach party ever, right in the middle of winter- and everyone was cozy and happy!

The first hurdle to get over was obviously... the cold! We started with a walled canopy, gorgeously draped in Teal & Purple & then added 4 propane heaters- 2 inside the tent and 2 by the parents seating area. It was so cozy, you would have thought it was SUMMER! Just for good measure, we also added a basket of blankets for guests to cozy up with and enjoy!

The Royal-Sea princesses were ready and waiting to greet guests as they arrived

Once everyone was ready to party, all the children were magically transformed into mermaids at our dress up station!

& then it was time for every child's FAVORITE part... Makeovers in the Jellyfish Salon! Every little one had their hair done in our Deluxe style including beautiful, reusable mermaid ponytails & shimmering mermaid make up!

Next we all gathered around a beautifully set, picnic style table for lunch and cake! Our all-inclusive travel parties include a served lunch of sandwiches and snacks!

& Finally, for the grand finale... The Royal-Sea princesses turned all of the children into REAL mermaids!

& The birthday girl was crowned a real and true princess, complete with a crystal tiara!

It was a magical day with the sweetest family proving that Mermaid parties aren't just for Summer!!!

Book your mermaid party at any location in Southern California and we will bring the magic to you!

Looking for a beach location? Just ask! We have a few great, preferred venues.

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Feb 25, 2023
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