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"Discover an Enchanting Neverland Adventure on Balboa Island: A Hidden Gem Near Disneyland"

A MUST on your next Disneyland vacation, Once Upon An Island! Just 20 minutes away from Disneyland, nestled on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, awaits an absolutely enchanting and immersive experience! Dive in and meet a mermaid, pirate, or princess today to uncover Orange County's best-kept secret!

Prepare to be dazzled by the enchanting underwater retail grotto that awaits you beyond the magical rainbow tunnel entrance! Inside, you'll discover a treasure trove of adorable and thrilling children's toys. Get ready for a truly magical experience as you venture further in and discover the Jellyfish Salon!

Get ready to be fully transformed into a whole new world of adventure at the Jellyfish Salon! Pirates, Mermaids, and princesses are waiting to give you a makeover like no other, complete with vibrant hair styles, colorful hair tie-ins, dazzling make-up, face paint, face gems, and much more! The Signature Transformation Experiences such as the Mermaid Transformation, Pirate Transformation, or Princess Transformation will absolutely wow you from head to toe before you dive into all the thrilling activities ahead! Are you ready for the ultimate transformation experience of a lifetime?

Girls mermaid makeover salon parties in Orange County and LA

Prepare to choose from exciting dress up from the enchanted wardrobe! Join a lovely tea party with either a mermaid or a princess! Play in our life size sand castle and tree house hide out. Embark on an exciting treasure hunt with a daring pirate and don't forget to pose in a real mermaid tail for some mer-mazing photos!

Prepare to be amazed by the most thrilling aspect of these amazing adventures - the character interactions! From beginning to end, including the salon segment, you will be delighted by the most incredible character performers in the industry! Spending over an hour of one on one time with your favorite princess, mermaid or pirate is what truly make this immersive experience one of a kind!

Get ready for exciting craft options including Sand Jewelry from the Neverland sand bar, or the popular build your own stuffed animal experience!

Be prepared for an incredible and truly unforgettable adventure at this unique and incredibly memorable experience in Newport Beach that welcomes all ages with open arms! There's something for everyone to enjoy!

From exciting Mommy and Me experiences, to fabulous adult and teen makeovers, parties, summer camps, and so much more, one thing is absolutely certain - you are NEVER too old to have a fun!

Appointments are encouraged, though walk in services are offered most days. Call today to find out what daily options are available!



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5 days ago
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Can’t wait for our Mermaid Transformation Experience in July!!!

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6 days ago
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This is so awesome!!! Adding it to our trip this summer 🏝️😍

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