Easter egg hunt & Bunny Meet & Greet.png

Our Special Easter


Join us for Spring fun including characters, an Easter egg hunt, Easter bunny photos, family fun games and more!

This is a primarily outdoor event with limited group sizes. 


First 10 minutes

Check in with OUAI staff

25-30 mins

Character hosted Easter egg hunt! 


Remaining 1.5hrs

Enjoy activities in the park such as crafts, and character hosted games, pet & feed a real bunny, photo opportunities etc. During this time, you may head across the street to meet and take family photos with our adorable Easter bunny character in our shop at any time! 

Please make sure you leave ample time for parking! The egg hunt will begin promptly, and we don’t want anyone to miss out! Parking on Balboa Island can take time to find if it happens to be a busy weekend (holiday weekends for example) so please make sure you plan to arrive onto the island 15+ minutes early.

Once Upon An Island does not provide or represent copyrighted or licensed characters. All characters are original representations of classic, public domain characters, and or parody versions based on new and original versions of classic fairy tales of various origin.