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Dark Wood Panels

2023 Season 4

Portals Open November 18th-December 24th

Tours are in session November 18th-December 24th
Thurday-Sunday    November 18th-December 18th 
Monday-Sunday    December 18th-Christmas Eve 


Silver Tours and Gold Tours require an individual ticket for all ages

Infants under 1 do not require a ticket when accompanied by one or more child ticket in the same group

The magical portal can accommodate up to 6 guests per tour, though we are happy to accommodate larger groups in back-to-back appointments

Bring your fur children too! We are pet friendly and provide gifts & treats for well mannered, four legged friends

While Once Upon A Christmas is associated with Once Upon An Island, we are NOT in the same location. Once Upon A Christmas is a separate entity and located just a few doors down from our main location at Once Upon An Island

              114 Agate Ave, Newport Beach CA 92662.                                                  


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Untitled (700 x 500 px) (700 x 5000 px).png
Untitled (700 x 500 px) (700 x 5000 px).png
Untitled (700 x 500 px) (700 x 5000 px).png
Dark Wood Panels
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Watch Me!

Ivory and Pastel Orange Modern Gradient Feature Comparison Chart Graph.png

Every season of Once Upon A Christmas has new surprises and elements!  Enjoy some photos and videos below of past seasons & moments

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