Such a classic tale, that the term "a Cinderella story" has become synonymous with any rags to riches story, both fiction and non fiction. Endless versions exist of this beautiful fairy tale dating as far back as the 1600's. A sweet princess, fairy god mother's, glass slippers and pumpkins! Does it get any more magical than that?

Our original version of this classic offers a new glimpse into the sweet princess who taught us that kindness and patience can overcome all. Meet her as a mermaid on her adventure to Neverland where she is, at long last, granted the magic of human legs to dance the night away in a beautiful ballgown! Read more here

Book the Cinderella in her mermaid or human form as the host for your next all inclusive party, your in-home party, or join us for one of our princess experiences- great for one-on-one's or small groups!

Once Upon An Island does not provide or represent copyrighted or licensed characters. All characters are original representations of classic, public domain characters, and or parody versions based on new and original versions of classic fairy tales of various origin.