The Neverland Mermaids

Once Upon An Island..

a star way up in the sky fell through a rainbow onto an island, not so near by. An ordinary island it was no more, for from this falling star, mermaids and magic were born. From this day on children never grew, fairies danced and even one boy flew. They named their island Neverland and even invited royals from other lands! This island is magic indeed, for it is alive like you and me. 


At night the stars sparkle and dance in the sky, by day the mermaids swim while unicorns play & fairies fly by. Yes, the mermaids brought magic it's true, with hair of purple and green and blue, but their greatest joy is to bring magic to every little girl and boy. A tunnel of rainbows they must swim through to an even smaller island where dreams come true. To this little island they bring their mermaid magic from Neverland, to make dreams come true right here in your land. Did you ever dream of being a mermaid one day? Well come in and play, and see what these magical creatures are up to today!