The Beauty & The Beast

A classic story with a new "tail"

Once Upon A Time, there was a smart and adventurous mermaid! She never quite fit in with the merfolk around her. She loved to read, and was kind and smart. The other mermaids cared only for their looks & were selfish and often unkind to her, for she was as beautiful as she was smart, and they called her Beauty.  Beauty dreamed of leaving this place for land and dreamt of adventure somewhere where she could meet friends more like her, but the other mermaids scared her and told her terrible tales of mermaids who had left the sea. Unsure if they were true, Beauty only dreamed of leaving and being human one day.

Beauty did not care that the other mermaids were not like her, though she did feel lonely and with out friends. Books about friendship were her favorite, and she longed for a friend! One day while swimming, Beauty met a shark.  All of the other mermaids screamed and swam away, leaving the shark to swim alone. Though the shark seemed mean and scary on the outside, Beauty could see that deep within the sharks eyes, she was afraid and different just like her. Unafraid by her hideous shark appearance, beauty continued to swim and said hello to the shark. The shark did not try to hurt her, but did not speak to her either.  Happy to have someone to spend time with, Beauty spent her days with the shark and slowly they started to become friends, though the shark still did not talk. Beauty taught the shark many things from her books, and read her stories of friendship & adventure in the human world. She told the shark that she hoped one day she too could have legs and be a human too! 

The Shark liked Beauty's sense of adventure, and that she was not afraid of her like all of the other mermaids. So for the first time, she spoke! She told Beauty that she knew of a place where mermaids could become human, a place called neverland but she is too afraid to return. Long ago, she too was a mermaid and was selfish and unkind to her friends. Her heart was cold and she froze the waters of Neverland. The fairies of the land had banned her from Neverland and turned her into a shark, saying that only when she learned true friendship would her heart thaw and she again be a mermaid. For years the shark swam alone, because every fish in the sea was afraid, and she had decided that she liked being alone. But Beauty was clever and knew her new friend better than that.  As any true friend would, Beauty offered to face her own fears, and leave her home to swim back to Neverland with the shark and show the fairies and mermaids that she had made a true friend! They faced their fears together and because the shark had learned true friendship, and Beauty had been brave and kind the fairies broke the spell and returned the shark to her mermaid form & gave belle just enough magic to have legs of her own right there on their little island called Neverland!

But Beauty's adventure had only just begun! She would meet more friends and see wonderful place. Swim on in to Once Upon An Island to meet the Beautiful mermaid who was brave enough to befriend a shark! 

Once Upon An Island does not provide or represent copyrighted or licensed characters. All characters are original representations of classic, public domain characters, and or parody versions based on new and original versions of classic fairy tales of various origin.